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Monthly Offers
7 Services
BBL 100ML £899 SAVE £800!
BBL 150ML £1225 SAVE £1025!
BBL 200ML £1499 SAVE £1400!
BBL 250ML £1775 SAVE £1625!
BBL 300ML £2000 SAVE 1800!
Lips for you + a friend £250 "up to" 1ml lips for you and a friend. Please ensure you both come together. "THIS OFFER IS NOT TO BE USED WITH ANY OTHER DISCOUNT CODES"
"Self love Package" 3ml £300 Bespoke packages, three options available. Profile balancing - Suitable for nose, lips, chin. S'natural - Chin and jaw. Sweetheart - Cheeks and chin. "THIS OFFER IS NOT TO BE USED WITH ANY OTHER DISCOUNT CODES"
Clearpay Finance
5 Services
Appointment Spread the cost over 4 instalments with Clearpay finance. Only available for treatments priced over £250 upto £1000. Cannot be used in conjunction with any existing offers or discount codes. To pay via clearpay finance, please select the 'appointment' option to book your suited date / time for treatment, return to our Finance page to then select the correct treatment for your booking. Proceed to payment and select the clearpay option. NO booking is confirmed without processing the purchase through our website and payment has been completed. Please don't hesitate to contact us directly for any further assistance regarding the finance option.
80ML BBL - upfront payment £450
100ML BBL - upfront payment £700
150ML BBL - upfront payment £1250
200ML BBL - upfront payment £1900
17 Services
Consultation £20
Filler Dissolve Patch Test
Filler Dissolve £100 (24h patch test required) Please ensure you have had a patch test at least 24 hours before booking this appointment. Price is fixed for upto 2 sessions. Clients may vary depending on the amount of filler required to dissolve and may need multiple dissolving sessions.
Filler dissolve & refill upto 1ml £240 (24h patch test required) Patch test required minimum of 24 hours before dissolve. Includes upto 2 sessions of dissolve and refill of upto 1ml 4 weeks later.
Luxe Lips - Premium Filler £300 for upto 1ml either Russian or regular techniques
0.5ml Lip Filler £150 Russian or normal techniques, must not have any migration
1ml Lip Filler £180 Russian or normal techniques, must not have any migration
1.5ml Lip Filler £250 Recommended for those with medium - large size natural lips or previously dissolved lips at least 4 weeks prior to refill, must have no migration
Rhinoplasty - Non Surgical Nose Job £180 Includes a 2 week review. This MUST be booked within 2 weeks from your first appointment.
Nose Top Up (2 weeks from previous appointment) This top up must be booked within a 2 week timeframe following on from the first treatment
Nose Top Up £50 (additional top up if necessary at 3-4 weeks) Additional to the FREE 2 WEEK top up if you require further enhancement
Rhinoplasty - 3months+ £120
Chin Filler £120
Cheeks 1ml Top Up £160
Jaw 1ml Top Up £160
Nasolabial Folds - Smile Lines nose to mouth £120
Marionette Lines - Mouth to chin £120
10 Services
Profile Balancing £300 "Discounted package" Nose, Lips, Chin
Male Masculinisation Package 5ml £600 Focusing on definition in the jaw & chin giving you strong structures & contoured results
Male Masculinisation Package 7ml £750 Focusing on definition in the jaw chin & cheeks giving you strong structures & contoured results
Babydoll Package £350 Ideal for those wanting the complete ‘bratz’ doll results. Includes Russian technique lips upto 1ml (must have previously had Russian technique, no filler or very little filler under 1ml) cheeks, chin & pixie nose. Priced as separates £610 huge saving of £260.
2ml £250 Ideal for first time cheeks/jaw
3ml £350 Suitable for lips / chin / cheeks / jaw
4ml £450 Ideal for lips / chin / cheeks / jaw
5ml £550 Suitable for lips / chin / cheeks / jaw
6ml £600
7ml Contour £650
Body Contouring Hyacorp
4 Services
Skin Booster
2 Services
Profhilo Skin Booster £180 per session (2 advised)
Lumi Eyes £150 Skin booster for the under eye, targets melasma ideal for dark circles.
Anti Wrinkle
15 Services
Anti Wrinkle Consultation - MUST be seen prior to booking Consultation to be seen in person to fill out consent form and to put the prescription through with our partnered pharmacy MUST be completed 72 hours before you are wanting treatment.
Anti Wrinkle Review (2 weeks) This is a complimentary review to see how the product is settling 14 days post treatment. If you fail to book within the given timeframe your appointment will be chargeable. If you do not attend a review appointment or do not cancel 48 hours prior to your appointment- you will no longer be able to book reviews with us. Additional treatment or top up is at the practitioners discretion.
1 Area - Crows feet £150 Crows feet only - around the eyes
2 Areas - Frown & Worry lines £180 Forehead - above and in-between brows
2 Areas Men £200 Forehead - in-between and above brows
3 Areas £200 Includes in-between brows, forehead and around the eyes
3 Areas Men £230 Includes in-between brows, forehead and around the eyes
Brow Lift £130
Lip Flip £100 For a very subtle lip flip
Gummy Smile £100
Downturn Smile £100
Smokers Lines £100
Bunny Lines or Nasal Slimming £150
Jawline Slimming Masseter / Bruxism £180 Bruxism - to prevent teeth grinding / slim the face
Pebbled Chin £160 To prevent dimples in the chin area.
Fat Dissolving Lemon Bottle
4 Services
Under Chin - Double Chin Area £75 For maximum results at least 3 - 5 sessions is required.
Under Chin 3 Sessions £199 3 x weekly sessions minimum 7 days apart
Large Area - Body £100 stomach, back, arms, knees, hips etc 3-5 sessions advised for maximum results.
Large Area 3 Sessions £249 3 x sessions weekly, minimum 7 days apart
Main Location - Faces by Phe
227 Bury New Road, Whitefield, Manchester, M45 8GW
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